Second Program UCP Universtity of Haripur KPK

The second UCP of Haripur University was held from  17-3- 2017 to 30-03-2017 at Haripur University. The model for this program was same: selected religious teachers from all sects and schools of thought were provided 12 days long extensive course on the  Training modules developed and revised during TOT. Dr Muhaimon of Haripur University was the main coordinator for this program.

Key achievements:

Research skills

As this program involved inculcating the culture of research in the religious groups so there was a separate session on research methodologies. This also included conducting a small research and writing research paper during the course. These research paper showed that all group member were able to utilize their critical skills learned during the training sessions as their level of questions, presentation of findings and analysis of the given research topic was satisfactory. This showed that if proper engagement is initiated it can bring fruits.

Exposure to University culture

The real problem in the society is that religious leaders have less exposure of modern day education institutions and their views are usually based on some fixed assumptions.  This can work toward elimination of unnecessary biases and prejudices about modern educational institution and will help integrating the religious elements in society.

Towards an understanding of commonalities

UCP modules are based on original human experiences and they also address to the human mind in a direct way. In this way the participants are provided chance to reflect back on the modules and working in groups provide them chance to look toward commonalities rather than toward differences. This is also a positive development for promoting a culture of seeking commonalities.