First Madrassah Teachers Training Course

The first UCP program after the TOT was organized by IRD-International Islamic University in Islamabad. The IRD team identified and selected a group of Madrassah teachers from different religious madrassah belonging to different denominations or different schools of thought. These included religious teachers from all schools of thought. All these participants were approached by IRD Team and nominations were invited from their respective madrassahs. On the basis of the agreed criteria set forth for the program, 25 participants were finally selected and were issued offer letters to take part in the first UCP program.

Key achievements
The traditional views about religion, education, and society were challenged in a mutual learning environment. The students and teachers both were exposed to modern ways of teaching and this was contrasted and compared with traditional and religious ways of teaching. This provided the opportunity to reflect and rectify certain misconceptions about the above-mentioned issues(religion, society, and education)
The students and teachers had the opportunity to reflect on modern ways of teaching and to observe and reflect on their own ways of teaching as well.
For the first time, students were provided such a learning environment that was different than their own way of learning in close classrooms. This obviously provided them an opportunity to ask questions and reflect back on things being taught.