Seminar on “Responsibilities of the Youth and Present Challenges” at Hunza Campus of Karakoram International University

The IRD organized a seminar on “Responsibilities of the Youth and Present Challenges” at Hunza Campus of Karakoram International University on 16 September 2017. Dr. Rehmat Karim, Director Hunza Campus welcomed IRD delegation. He told that KIU created its Hunza Campus and it was inaugurated by the President of Pakistan, Mr. Mamnoon Hussain. He told that this is the first seminar after its establishment. He expressed his gratitude and thanked the International Islamic University, Islamabad in arranging seminar at its Hunza Campus. He appreciated the role of IIUI students and teachers in promoting the culture of dialogue and combating the extremism and terrorism through the societies.

Professor Dr. Masoom Yasinzai, Rector, IIUI said that Hunza and G.B are standing on main path of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and people of this region have to play their role in strengthening the country economy. He said that our youth should build their own future in the light of their own interest. The teachers should come forward to solve the problems of society. It is the responsibility of the teachers to develop the ability of critical thinking, rationality and logical reasoning in the students and enlighten them about all the possible aspects of the fields. Instead of being conclusive and judgmental leave the conclusion to the students and let them draw a conclusion by using their intellect and ability of critical thinking. He said that we have to build and improve national solidarity, sectarian cohesion, patience, peace and love so that Islam can enter into our hearts and homes and it would in return bring social justice in our society and the rights of all individuals would be protected.

Dr. Muhammad Bashir Khan, Acting President, IIUI said that educational institutions are hubs of development and thinking.

Dr. Husnul Amin, Executive Director, IRD said our youth have the capability to protect and promote our culture and civilization. They will also promote self-negotiating dialogue, we will have to understand ourselves with deeper understanding and sense as the new generation is very conscious.

Journalist and analyst Sabookh Sayed  said that social media, print media and electronic media are creating troubles in society. He said that the youth would now have to save themselves from this mental disorder and to differentiate between what is right and wrong.  . He said that success is a package of hard work and vision. If anyone loses this vision then he will not get anything.