6th International Islam & Liberty Conference starts at IRD, IIUI Academics/Speakers from 13 countries participate

Faisal Masjid Campus of the International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) welcomed academics/speakers from Pakistan and thirteen countries of the world at the 6th International Islam & Liberty Conference here on Wednesday, 14 November 2018. The theme of the conference was “Building an Islamic Case for Open Markets”. The two-day conference was jointly organized by the Iqbal International Institute for Research & Dialogue (IRD), International Institute of Islamic Economics (IIIE), and Islam & Liberty Network (ILN) Kuala Lumpur in collaboration with the Higher Education Commission, Pakistan.

Rector, IIUI, Prof. Dr. Masoom Yasinzai was the chief guest at the inaugural session of the conference. Dr. Tahir Khalily, Vice President (Academics), IIUI, Mr. Ali Salman, Chief Executive Officer of the Islam and Liberty Network, Malaysia, Dr. Husnul Amin, Executive Director, IRD, Dr. Attiquz Zafar, Director General, IIIE of the IIUI were also present on the occasion.

Dr. Masoom Yasinzai in his speech said that the Islamic teachings have never forbidden markets to grow but it imposed specific restrictions to curb all sorts of exploitation and injustices. He added that the world economy nowadays is facing tremendous problems due to the non-implementation of Islamic Fundamentals of the economy. He referred to the teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) to eliminate Riba which was a very dominant feature of the economy in his age. Dr. Yasinzai deplored the world economy based on free of all rules and regulations and said that this sort of economy is making rich more rich and poor poorer which is against the just system of the Creator. He admired the IRD, IIIE, and Islam and Liberty Network for holding the conference to respond to challenges faced by the contemporary Muslim Ummah.

Mr. Ali Salman, CEO, Islam and Liberty Network (ILN) in his keynote address said that the Muslim societies were under the grip of poor democratic practices which are very much reflective of the grim situation of the economies of the Muslim world. Islam and Liberty Network was established in 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey to assess the problems of the market economies in the Muslim world and to present solutions to get rid of all sorts of exploitation, monopolies, and injustices.

Dr. Tahir Khalily, Vice President (Academics), IIUI in his speech said that it was need of the hour to integrate Islamic teachings in the modern world to lead the Muslims and eventually present an Islamic model of economy.

Dr. Husnul Amin, Executive Director of the institute spoke on the background of the conference and said that it aimed at creating harmony in the Muslim societies. He added that the IRD was very much instrumental in this regard. The IRD has arranged a large number of events on diverse topics in addition to the publication of a galaxy of books on different topics. Latest of its publications were on narrative, counter narrative to extremism, transforming villages, governance, police corruption, Gramsci, hegemony and civil society in Pakistan, interfaith dialogues, therapeutic psychology, China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), Shariah today, Madrassa Islamic foundations of a free society and State of Politics and Islam.

On the first day of the conference, Dr. Ali Hassania from the Islamic Republic of Iran spoke on “Mantiqat al-Firaq” based on a Shiite Economic Theory. He said that this theory was firstly presented by Allama Sayed Muhammad Baqir Al Sadr in his book “Our Economy”. According to the theory, religion has allowed the Islamic ruler to lay down rules and regulations in certain social matters, especially in the economy, taking into account the rules and according to the needs of time.

Shaykh Umar Ibrahim Vadillo, a renowned world currencies expert in his speech stressed the need for the introduction of Gold Dinar as an alternative to Fiat Currency and Central Banking. He told the audience that the US Dollar has lost its position in the world market as there were more challenges to the very existence of the US Dollar. He added that the introduction of Gold Dinar in the world economies can ensure stability in the markets. He presented examples of various countries where Gold Dinar was used as an alternate to Fiat Currency.

Dr. Noor Fatima spoke on the Role of the State in the Economy whereas Ms. Hina Haq spoke on Bit Coin Currency. Dr. Admir Cavalic from the Bosnia Herzegovina spoke on corporate social responsibility. He said that Islam being the religion of nature has answered all questions of the human beings till doomsday. It is up to the Muslims to present Islam to the world in an acceptable and befitting manner.

In the session delegated for country studies, Jani Kinnunen of Finland, Muhammad Tauhid ul Islam of Bangladesh, Dr. Mustapha Radji of Algeria presented their country reports respectively. The session was chaired by Fatiha Talahite of France.

On Thursday, November 15, 2018 more scholars from Pakistan and abroad shall present their papers and presentations on different topics of the theme of the conference.

بین الاقوامی اسلامی یونیورسٹی میں اسلام اور حریت کے موضوع پر چھٹی دو روزہ عالمی کانفرنس شروع ہو گیٔ۔ کانفرنس میں تیرہ ممالک کے ماہرین شرکت کر رہے ہیں۔ کانفرنس کا اہتمام اقبال انٹرنیشنل انسٹیٹوٹ فار ریسرچ اینڈ ڈایلاگ، اسلام اینڈ لبرٹی نیٹ ورک ملایشیا اور عالمی اسلامی ادارہ براے اقتصادیات نے ہاییرایجوکیشن کمیشن اسلام آباد کے تعاون سے کیا ہے۔
کانفرنس کے افتتاحی اجلاس سے خطاب کرتے ہوۓ اسلامی یونیورسٹی کے ریکٹر ڈاکٹر معصوم یاسین زیی،
نایب صدر ڈاکٹر طاہر خلیلی، اقبال انسٹیٹیوٹ کے سربراہ ڈاکٹر حسن الامین، ، اسلام اینڈ لبرٹی نیٹ ورک ملایشیا کے سربراہ علی سلمان اور عالمی اسلامی ادارہ براے اقتصادیات کے ڈایریکٹر جنرل ڈاکٹر عتیق الظفر خان اور دیگر نے کہا کہ اسلام فرد کی آزادی کی طرح معیشت کی آزادی کا علمبردار ہے لیکن اس کا مطلب یہ نہیں کہ آزادی کو حدود و قیود سے ہی آزاد کر دیا جاۓ۔ اسلام ایک ذمہ دار فرد اور ذمہ دار معاشرے اور معاشیات کی ضمانت دینے والا دنیا کا واحد نظام ہے جس کی بنیاد وحی الھی میں ہے۔ کانفرنس میں ایران، ملایشیا، بنگلہ دیش، فرانس، الجزایر، برطانیہ، بوسنیا ھرزوگوینا، جرمنی، انڈونیشیا، مالٹا، فن لینڈ اور لبنان سے آے ہوے ماہرین معاشیات شرکت کر رہے ہیں۔ کانفرنس کے دوسرےروز جمعرات ۱۵نومبر کو مزید پاکستانی اور عالمی ماہرین اپنے مقالات پیش کریں گے