The workshop was arranged with the medical students at Bhitai Dental and Medical College Mirpur Khas, Sindh. The title of this workshop is;

‘”Leadership in Me”

This workshop has three sessions.

1st session was conducted by Mr. Bilal Idrees who elaborated on three essential leadership traits for students. These traits are ‘Responsibility, Positive attitude and Grit’. He said leadership has nothing to do with the authority or position one gets in society; rather it is a mindset that anyone can develop. A student must accept his responsibility, develop a positive attitude towards his studies and keep struggling hard until he gets success.

2nd session was conducted by Mr. Attique Raza who elaborated on 4 zones in which we humans operate. These four zones are:

  1. Comfort zone
  2. Fear zone
  3. Learning zone
  4. Growth zone

A student must travel from the 1st zone to the last one to achieve excellence in his studies. He also informed students about the strategies for speedy movement among these zones.

This workshop was concluded with Mr. Hasan Aftab’s interesting and amusing yet thought-provoking session. He actively engaged students in a discussion by presenting a case of donkeys being better than humans. He argued if we compare donkeys with humans, we find donkeys more comfortable and peaceful about the issues we humans get stressed about. If we want to be superior to them, we must realize the traits and standards that make us humans and transform our lives accordingly.