The Second Session of the First Workshop on Research Methodology in Social Sciences

Iqbal International Institute for Research and Dialogue has initiated a series of workshops on Research Methodology for the various departments of the university.

The second session of the workshop on Research Methodology in Social Sciences was jointly organized by IRD and the Faculty of Social Sciences. Around 120 students from various departments of the Islamic university, Education, Politics & IR, History and Pakistan Studies attended the workshop. The second session of the workshop aimed at exposing the research scholars to various research methods available across the social sciences and to make them appreciate the common standard practice of knowing and doing. The resource person of the session Dr. Qandil Abbas, Quaid-e-Azam University stressed the importance of Electronic information sources and libraries for the academic community.

All major components of the process of research were described in detail. Also, an interrelationship among the Problem statement, Literature Review, Theoretical Framework, and Hypotheses was amplified. Dr. Qandil Abbas also accounted for the criteria for Formulating /Evaluating hypotheses, as these hypotheses explain the relationship between different variables. The resource person said that small, concise, and clear sentences should be articulated while writing a thesis. He gave tips to the students for avoiding plagiarism. He emphasized that just like an editor, the researcher should read his/her thesis repeatedly after writing. Later there was a discussion session with the candidates in which all the doubts of the trainees pertaining to research were clarified.