One-Day National Webinar on Water Scarcity in Pakistan: Challenges and the Way Forward

Iqbal International Institute for Research and Dialogue (IRD) organized a webinar in collaboration with the Department of Political Science, University of Punjab and Lahore Garrison University on the occasion of the book titled Water Scarcity: A National Security Concern for Pakistan by Arooj Naveed published by IRD. The panelists included Dr. Amna Mahmood, Dean Faculty of Social Sciences, Dr. Iram Khalid, Head of Department of Political Science, University of Punjab Lahore, Arooj Naveed, Lecturer Lahore Garrison University, Dr. Zahid Mehmood, Assistant Professor, Lahore Garrison University and Dr. Aiysha Safdar, Assistant professor, Head of Department of International Relation, Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore. The panelists discussed that water scarcity in Pakistan was a consequence of multiple factors that included mismanagement of water resources, inadequate storage facilities, water wastage, and inappropriate cropping pattern

The panelists of the webinar emphasized that it’s time for the state to take measures to save water not only for agriculture but also for human consumption and to meet the rising water demand in other social and economic sectors. This demands improved water governance, management, and investment in scientific knowledge, all of which need commitment and resources.