Executive Director IRD, Dr. Husnul Amin, presented at the Online International Seminar “Building International  Cooperation to  Reinforce  Commitments and  Practices of  Islam as Rahmatan  Lil  ‘Alamin Globally” Jakarta

January  25  –  27,  2022

The title of his presentation was “Pakistan: New (male) Interpreters of a tolerant, inclusive and human-friendly Islam”. He spoke about several new educators, preachers, and scholars who may not be categorized as traditional ulema per se but graduates of modern institutions who also specialized in religious studies. They are not Islamic modernists as well. In their new Islamic discourse, several key concepts related to citizenship, jihad, gender, democracy, and non-Muslims have been revisited. Orienting themselves from the Quranic text and Seerah of the Prophet, these interpreters thus develop an image and understanding of Islam which is tolerant of diverse interpretations and social groups; inclusive, and gender-sensitive. Dr. Husnul Amin emphasized the need for evolving a social fabric in which the notions of fraternity among the Muslims at the social level, citizenship in the modern national states system at the political level, and universal human brotherhood at the global level, are inculcated. A better and clear understanding of these categories and their critical appreciation will enable the Muslim youth to come out of the utopian notions of the global caliphate and live peacefully and will let others live in peace.

The international conference was inaugurated by the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, Prof Dr. Maroof Amin, leaders of Muhammadiya, Nahdatul Ulema, and scholars from around the world.