Political Debates and Security Questions At Allama Iqbal Auditorium , Faisal Masjid Campus, IIUI

The Iqbal International Institute for Research & Dialogue (IRAD), International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) organized a seminar on “The Empire and the Middle East: Political Debates and Security Questions” on 26 September 2016. The venue of the seminar was Allama Iqbal Auditorium, Faisal Masjid Campus.

The seminar was a first one of the series of “Dr. Mumtaz Ahmed Memorial Lectures” organized by the Iqbal International Institute for Research and Dialogue (IRD) of the university.

Empires have similar characteristic; they use various methods and means to construct and impose narratives and realities of their own, the same is happening now in the world as is evident by recent events in middle east and other parts of the world. Omar Shaukat.

Guest speaker of the lecture was S.M Omar Shaukat of Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi who discussed the relationship of West and Middle East, instability issue in middle east, prevailing situation of Syria, Rise of Islamic State (Daesh), issues of disseminated rigidity and Arab spring, while a constructive discussion was also part of the lecture.

The lecture was attended by the family of  Dr. Mumtaz Ahmed, Senior Journalist Salim Saafi, Rector IIUI, Dr. Masoom Yasinzai, Vice Presidents, Director General, Deans, faculty members, officers and a large number students.

Speaking on the occasion, Rector IIUI announced that the university would name its social Sciences Lab as Dr. Mumtaz Ahmed Lab for Social Sciences, while he also directed the IRI Director that a corner at Dr. Hamidullah Library should be established in the name of Dr. Mumtaz. He said that Dr. Mumtaz was one of the top social scientists of the world and his demise is a loss of nation.

Earlier, Mr. Junaid Ahmad, Son of Late Dr. Mumtaz Ahmed portrayed a glimpse of the life of his father and apprised that he was an exemplary teacher for his family as well. He also highlighted various phases of his life and thanked IIUI for paying tributes to his father.

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