Education is one of the key issues in Pakistan that has always been attracting policy makers’ attention. The class education system is perceived as one of the underlying problems in this regard. Madrasah Education System, where Millions of students belonging to very poor families are enrolled in, well manifests this fact. The role of the Madrasah in educating students of poor families is indeed, appreciated. However, due to a lack of using modern tools and methods of teaching, this system, too, could not yield. Therefore, the need is immense to equip it with modern methods of teaching and promote awareness about up-to-date social issues being discussed throughout the world.

Pursuing this need, IRD has launched Madrassah Teachers Training Programme for the young Teachers and senior students of Madrasah focusing on two types of activities:

  • To train them about the profession of teaching that will result in the classroom environment more productive in terms of knowledge.
  • To engage them in certain social activities that will be aiming to overcome religious extremism and promote harmony and peace.

After consultation with religious leadership, physiologists, experts of other professions, various subjects have been suggested to be addressed for this purpose: the behavior of the teacher, Self-accountability, modern methods of teaching, research methodology, dialogue, and ethics of disagreement (Adab al-Ikhtilaf), intra-faith harmony, Islamic heritage and its relevance in modern days, human rights and pluralism, religion and modernism, religion and science and sociology. Recognized experts from the respective fields will be engaged. Junior teachers and senior students of Madrasah from throughout the country are encouraged to apply for this course.

Executive Director of IRD, Dr. Husnul Amin is leading the UCP assisted by Mr. Younus, Lecturer IRD, as Coordinator, and Mr. Manssor Ali Shah, Superintendent IRD, will help in resolving Administrative issues.

To apply the training course Click here and fill the form.