Privacy and security in Pakistan: can we have both? Author: Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan on Geo. tv discuss weighs in on the balance between privacy, security and public awareness in a recent book publish by IRD.

The link is given below to read the news published on Geo. tv

Book title “Privacy and Surveillance: public preferences in Pakistan Author: Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan”  launched last week by Iqbal Institute for Research and Dialogue (IRD) of International Islamic University (IIU) was launched at the old campus.

The author, Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan, a Ph.D. from a renowned university in the UK, a civil servant in the police services group, and a pioneer in setting up the safe city project in Lahore; is keenly interested in initiating a debate on the subject of the book in the public discourse. The book will be available at Saeed Books, Mr. Books Islamabad, and at the IRD.


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