PATIENT PAKISTAN “Reforming and Fixing Health Care for all in the 21st Century”


Author: Dr. Arif Azad

ISBN: 978-969-7576-39-5

Price in US$: 10

Number of Pages: 208


This pivotal collection is a valuable resource for people both in Pakistan and the wider world. Dr. Misahal SKhan: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Prescriptions for healing Pakistan’s health sector ailments (From the Introduction)
The primary indicator of a developed country, is the measure of the health and well being of its peoples, which in turn are determined by the quality of health polices and laws and healthcare choices and procedures it prioritizes and practices. There is broad agreement that the general diagnosis of the state of health of Pakistan is not good. The country’s health system has remains broken engendering a wide range of maladies whose redressal over the decades has remained far from adequate and often inappropriate. What can be done? What choices, policies undertake to address these acute challenges and heal Pakistan’s ailing health sectors? This book is an attempt to both broadly map the key policy challenges and offer expert perspectives of priorities that the country’s health sector stakeholder can embrace in the context of best practices to address the prevalent challenges. There are few informational resources in health available in Pakistan that elaborate key issues expertly and cater to the intellectual space where citizens, experts and policymakers can interface productively and bring conceptual clarifies in service of policy action. This book aims to fill this gap by offering both the big picture perspective of the healthcare realm as well as a nuanced look at its constituent sub-themes that weave together a prescription of choices to heal a broad range of challenges afflicting Pakistan’s ailing healthcare dominion. What connects the articles in this book into a coherent whole is a sustained intellectual engagement with these challenges and how they each relate to citizens, health professionals and policymakers. This is an excellent resources that is sure to benefit many in the country and beyond by promoting a border public conversation on health in Pakistan.


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