Rights of the Child in Islam “Theory, Mechanisms, Practices and Convention on the Rights of the child”


Author: Muhammad Munir Ahmad
ISBN: 978-969-7576-08-1
Price in US$: 15
Publication Year: 2017


“In Pakistan, too, many children are left helpless, out of school domestic or bonded laborers, Victims of trafficking, malnourished and without access to water or proper healthcare. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Munir quite evidently shows where the onus to uphold these rights lies on the state, and where their responsibility to protect children from oppressive societal forces begins.”

“Rights of the child in Islam:

Theory, Mechanisms, Practices, and Convention on the Rights of the Child is a complete book that tackles the various scopes that the subject brings, providies a fresh perspective and resonates impressively with the world today. The work is a brilliant edition to the archive of the great thinkers of Islam.”

Justice  (R) Ali Nawaz Chowhan

This work attempts to discuss the rights of the child in Islam to caring, fostering and suckling. The work also highlights child’s rights to be loved, right to life, health and education. Some other rights of the child such as the right to play, recreational activities, privacy, and decision making and respecting their views are also discussed in detail. The book describes rights of all children including orphans, step children and illegitimate children, In addition, the book presents duties of children towards their parents and parents towards their children under Islamic law. It depicts a comprehensive picture of some other aspects relating to child’s right such as relations between children and their peers and impacts of neglecting child. The work also address the question whether there is any basis under Islamic law for female genital mutilation or FGM. It also takes into account several questions such as; what are the principles of Islamic law for child rearing; how should parents be responsible and accountable for ignoring their children; what is the role of the state in child protection; and what are the duties of a Muslim state in child protection?


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