State-Society Conflict in Pakistan: A Psychosocial Perspective


Author: Dr. Ghulam Mujaddid

ISBN: 978-979-7576-94-4

Price in US$: 10

Publication Year: 2021

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  • The IRD’s new publication State-society Conflict in Pakistan: A Psychosocial Analysis by Dr Ghulam Mujaddid covers the history of state-society conflict in Pakistan and brings some very enticing points for the public debate in the contemporary intolerant society.
  • The significance of this book lies in the attempt it makes in understanding why Pakistan’s state institutions behave in the way that they do? What is the institutional and individual behavior of the people of Pakistan? The significance of this research also lies in the fact that it addresses these fundamentally important questions, and focuses on the psychosocial structure of such a conflict.
  • The book covers a wide range of issues in Pakistani from 1947 to the present time and offers solutions for managing and transforming state-society conflict in Pakistan by transforming attitudes and values held by the Pakistani citizens and its institutions.
  • The book would definitely seek the attention of academia. However, since the subject matter of the manuscript is quite wide and state-society relationship is often critiqued and debated the contents could attract a wider audience including the general public, policy making circles, and media personals both within Pakistan and abroad.
  • It is the positive change in behaviors that are needed to change the psychosocial environments of Pakistan for the better. However, if the measures to resolve the state-society conflict are not taken in time, this conflict is likely to spiral out of control with ominous consequences for Pakistan.


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