Water Scarcity


Author: Dr. Arooj Naveed

ISBN: 978-969-7576-90-16

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Year of Publication: 2020

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Water Scarcity

A National Security Concern for Pakistan

About the Book:

Pakistan’s water scarcity integrates and threatens the economic, social, political, and environmental concerns of the country, affirming water securitization established within national security as the available action of choice for dealing with the existential crisis.

Water is an essential element having cultural, social, economic, and political importance. In the 21st century, its utility, availability, and accessibility has introduced the world to a range of different challenges; politics and the way national security was thought for co-operation and conflict scenario have emerged, debates and predictions have occupied scholars and technicians, and people have been forced to view and change their thinking on what security means for them. Questions of water security for whom? When? For what? And for how much? All of this is now being questioned in terms of gains not for the state defense, but rather for its survival.

Water scarcity is becoming a global issue and while most of the developed world has been able to overcome this challenge, countries of the developing world are suffering; the biggest reason being not having realized that a resource like water could have become a threat to national security. While this pattern is common in other regions of the world, the focus of this book is on studying water scarcity as an important concern for national security in the few states of Asia, focusing on Pakistan.

The book addresses the following research questions through the research work that has been distributed until 2018, making mention of the reference in the section of conclusion from 2020.

Q1. What is the relationship between water and national security?

Q2. How is water scarcity affecting growing Asia?

Q3.  What are the root causes of water scarcity in Pakistan?

Q4. What is the importance of dams for Pakistan?

Q5. What are the problem of water scarcity to be addressed and what is the way forward?

Water scarcity continues to threaten the national security of Pakistan and this book tries to elaborate on studying the root causes while establishing practices that can be beneficial for overcoming the water crisis.


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