Analysing Public Opinion of Pakistan on “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor”


Author: Rida Rizvi

ISBN: 978-969-7576-43-2

Price  in US$: 10

Number of Pages: 200

Year of Publication: 2019


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Analysing Public Opinion of Pakistan on

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

This research based book, the public opinion of Pakistani social media users on CPEC have been analyzed and their perception towards Pak-China relations. A significant objective of this research is to find out how social media can be considered as a tool to shape the opinion of the public at large. Social media has been studied as a platform to find out how people are expressing their opinion over this borderless domain and if it is the true reflection of opinion in general. Most importantly this book identifies how can policymakers in China and Pakistan utilize social media to make public opinion favorable on CPEC.

This book has been written with the objective to highlight the importance of Public Opinion research in Pakistan especially in matters concerning general public to shape the policy. It also emphasizes the significance of the matter. It is Warfare. Art of handling information and keeping public opinion consistent, favoring the policy matters, has become more significant than ever before. Important consideration has been given to threats and opportunities while evaluating the challenges and prerequisites of using social media as a medium to gauge and then shape public opinion. The desirable outcome of this book is to initiate foundation for future researchers. This might lead institutions in strategizing and policing the use of Public Opinion warfare at times of peace.

This book starts off with the conceptual analysis of interlinked models of public opinion and public opinion warfare falling under the paradigm of social constructivism. Chapter 1 includes the discussion of how social interactions, especially in realm of social media, are shaping the prime interest of states with the elucidation of concepts like public opinion, public opinion warfare, and information warfare and perception management. Chapter 2 deals with the brief description of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and how the social constructions in the form of negative opinion have a potential to impact this mega project, which is currently the prime interest of Pakistan as well as China. Chapter 3 deliberates the nature of opinion held by masses online, as well as in general to highlight the challenges to CPEC because of negative opinion and need of public opinion research to further comprehend this knowledge. On the basis of data gathered, Chapter 4 accentuates the course of action, needs to be taken for effective perception management.


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