State Politics and Islam


Author: Prof. Dr. Mumtaz Ahmed
ISBN: 978-969-7576-27-2
Price in US$: 15
Publication Year: 2018
Pages: 234


The current debate on Islamic resurgence has brought issues relevant to the nature, characteristic and scope of an Islamic state and a distinctly Islamic political system into sharp focus. Many publications with widely varying theoretical positions and ideological implications have appeared on the subject. Mos of them, however only report current political events in the contemporary Muslim world without making any attempt to deal with these events. Moreover even their accounts of the current political scene remain superficial and unrelated to the tensions between the imperatives of continuity and the demands foe the change in the Muslim world.

In Mumtaz Ahmad’s view, the contributions of the Muslims writers are equally dismal because they deal with the political doctrine and not political theory.

State, Politics and Islam represents a serious attempt to reformulate Islamic political theory in the context of today’s political realities and problems.


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